3FE Spin-off Cafe Opening Soon


As the Dublin’s cafe revolution spreads to the suburbs, a new 3FE spin-off will be opening in Harold’s Cross in the coming months. ‘Five Points’ is a joint venture between manager Adam Sheridan and the 3FE team, including executive chef Hilary O’Hagan Brennan.

Sheridan joins host of alumni from the 3FE coffee empire that have gone on to start their own successful businesses, including Brian Birdy of Full Circle, Tom Stafford at Vice Coffee Inc. The company has gone from strength to strength since starting as a coffee stall in Twisted Pepper in 2009.
Colin Harmon and his 3FE crew are best known for being among the first to bring quality coffee to the Dublin masses, but the food menu at their Grand Canal Dock cafe is by no means to be overlooked. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, the kitchen churns out a multitude of internationally inspired dishes that make a welcome change from the standard cafe fare.
The design of the flagship cafe in GCD was created by Design Goat, who have worked with food and drink outlets across the city: Brother Hubbard, Chapter One and Bastible to name but a few.
It seems in much the same way that 3FE was a leader in bringing top notch coffee to Ireland, it has gone on to become a leader in sustainability for the food and beverage industry. As with a few venues across town: waste milk becomes ricotta, coffee grinds become compost, and what would normally be food waste is turned into pickles and ferments. D6w locals are in for a big treat, no doubt there will a be a queue out the door for the first few weeks.
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