Badger & Dodo Coffee Roasters

Badger and Dodo Coffee Tipjar
Image: Eddy Wolohan © The Feed
Badger and Dodo Coffee Tipjar
Image: Eddy Wolohan © The Feed

Australian Brock Lewin is the Badger (Broc being Irish for Badger) and Dodo is his father-in-laws’ childhood nickname. Together they founded one of Ireland’s first speciality coffee roasters in Co. Cork 2008. With the success of their cafe in Galway, it was only a matter of time before they set their sights on Dublin.

Originally from Sydney, Brock learned about speciality coffee whilst living in Melbourne from 2005-08. He relocated with his wife to Fermoy, Co Cork and established Badger & Dodo on his in laws’ farm.
B&D have an extensive range of single origin, estate, micro lot but are also famous for their blends including the popular ‘Blackwater Blend’ and ‘Jam Jar Espresso’.
While they have recently moved on from their cafe in the Liberties but you can find Badger and Dodo coffee at various locations across town:
Emer’s Kitchen (Leeson St)
Little Bird (Portobello)
Urbun (Cabinteely)
The Washer Woman (Glasnevin)
The Woollen Mills and many more.
Call 085 194 8335
Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 3pm


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