City Centre Cafe Now Serving Bonsoy Milk


Shoe Lane on Tara Street, has added Bonsoy to their list of non-dairy options for milk based coffees. Loved by baristas and coffee drinkers for it’s creamy texture and mild soy flavour, we’re sure to be seeing a lot more of this milk in Ireland in the coming years.

Made in Japan by Spiral Foods, and marketed as a health food product, it quickly became a hit for baristas in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, who noticed it steams and tastes much better than most of the soy milks on the market. In recent years it has become widely used in London cafes.
Co-owner of Shoe Lane, Jane Lunnon, says “Bonsoy has already been a hit with customers. It’s been really popular! In fact we had an Aussie couple in who were over-the-moon when they saw that we stocked this amazing product


Bonsoy is made using filtered water, organic whole soybeans, tapioca syrup, job’s tears (hato mugi), sea salt and calcium carbonate, and boasts a range of health benefits. Unlike many soy milks, it contains no refined sugar. It is available in select health food shops, but be warned – it carries a heavy price tag.
While most people remain loyal to dairy milk (after all we have some the best milk in the world in Ireland), many are making the switch to dairy-free.

“Apart from the obvious reason of allergies, people are becoming more health conscious. There are also more and more studies coming out at the moment which strongly suggest dairy, like cow’s milk, not being so good for humans – if you think about it, we’re the only mammals who consume milk when grown!

” She says.

Many of Dublin’s cafes now have 3 or 4 dairy alternatives to meet demand from the public. Shoe Lane is no exception: offering Blue Diamond almond milk and Oatly foamable oat milk.

“They’ve all been popular. The oat milk was the biggest surprise though – we’ve definitely converted a few almond-milk-drinkers to oat milk. It’s super creamy. It has to be tried to be believed continues Lunnon.


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