The fact that two very popular Dublin 8 cafes, LEGIT and Two Pups, have recently switched from choose-at-the-counter options to a full brunch – style menu is further evidence of Dublin’s changing cafe culture.

Brunch has long been associated with Sundays, hangovers, and more often than not, an accompanying ‘cure’. Now, it seems the opposite is the case. It has become a popular way to socialise without alcohol – a coffee or juice typically occupying a spot a where a mimosa might have previously sat.
Our speciality coffee scene has, undoubtedly, become a force to be reckoned with, over the last seven years or so; Ireland hosted the World Barista Championships in Vice Coffee Inc this year, and first ever Coffee and Tea Festival was held in the RDS last year.
With game changers like ‘Brother Hubbard’, ‘Two Boys Brew’ and ‘Meet Me in the Morning’ bringing international flare to their menus, cafe owners are realising that there is a major shift in people’s dining habits, and they can no longer rely on cakes, soup, and sandwiches as food options.
Dubliners are waking up to the idea that brunch is truly the most important meal of the day and should be enjoyed any day, not just on sunday.


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