Opinion: With Job Ads Like This, It’s No Wonder There’s A Chef Shortage

Chef Crisis

Anyone who has worked in and around the hospitality industry in Dublin knows just how hard it is to hire and keep good chefs in the last few years, despite the growing economy and healthy jobs market.

We live in an age where work satisfaction is very important to both prospective employees and employers. Well, most employers.

This job ad from a popular Dublin restaurant this week leaves little doubt as to as to why the current generation of school-leavers is giving the hospitality industry the finger. To read from a job seeker’s point of view you might find yourself asking: “What’s in this for me, the one how has to give up my precious life hours for you, the employer?”

Translation: “We are too tight to hire the number of chefs that we really need, so we expect you to do the work of two people.”

And what does this place offer its committed, dedicated, successful, experienced, pressure-loving, passionate, innovative, committed (again), dedicated (again), hard-working, hard-working (yes, they said that twice with only ten words between), committed (in case you missed it the first two times), dedicated, cool-headed staff?

A company car? A pool table? Staff meals? Flexible working hours? A fun and friendly work environment? A chance to train under one of Dublin’s best chefs? Regular staff events? Rapid career progression? A Christmas Bonus?

No, what you get in return for your triple commitment, double dedication etc etc… is an excellent opportunity to….drumroll, please…

“Join the expanding team”

Don’t worry lads, I don’t think the “agencies” will be coming anywhere near you anytime soon. I think they prefer their staff returned to them free from flagellation marks and with some of their mental and physical health still intact.

Last year, the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) revealed that Ireland has a huge shortage new chefs entering the workforce. At the moment, about 1800 chefs qualify each year from culinary training programmes but this is still 5000 short of the amount needed to fill job positions across the country.

It’s time for some real changes people.






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