Five Dublin Cafes for Mum and Baby

The Fumbally Vegetables
Image: Tadgh Byrne © The Feed

Originally from Poland, Marta’s lives and blogs in Dublin ……She’s a Mum, a camera user and a food lover. She loves to hang out out in Dublin cafes, and she shares her experiences as a new parent on her blog. Read more here.
First Draft Coffee, Dublin 2
Secretly hidden on the first floor in Filmbase in Temple Bar, this cafe has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere – a far cry from the crowded streets and rushing people. It is run by Ger – a lovely guy, who will always make you feel special, and the like most important person in the world. If you don’t know anything about speciality coffee, how to taste it, how to extract, and find all of the beautiful fruity notes – this is your guy! Many times, I’ve drank an absolutely stunning cuppa here, made with beans by ‘The Barn’ (Berlin).
If you are hungry they have simple and short menu: homemade soup and sandwiches. If like me, you have a sweet tooth, try some Wild Flour Bakery goodies. There are some lovely small cakes in many flavours (combinations are sometimes are a bit strange, but they will change the way you think about treats). And if you are a tea drinker they also have few types of teas and herbals.
First Draught is very spacious – there are a few tables beside the huge window, a big table in the middle for groups, and cosy armchairs throughout. The delicate light, raw concrete look and some Spathiphyllum plants give this spot unbelievable warmth. Or maybe it’s just the customers!
You can easily find a comfortable spot to breastfeed and enough room to park your buggy. Depite not being on the ground floor, you can reach the cafe easily with a lift. There is a changing unit in the disabled toilets. Unfortunately they do not have high chairs, but will offer you a bowl with boiling water to heat up your bottle or baby food. My number one place for long chats with friends. I guarantee you will not regret a visit.
3 Curved St,
Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Mon to fri: 10-5
sat: 11-16
sun: closed
The Fumbally, Dublin 8
You will either love or hate The Fumbally. Most of people love the spot – that’s why they are so busy during lunch time and on Saturdays. If you like queueing, this is perfect time for you to visit! But even when busy, the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a good friend’s house.
Under a black board with “All sorrows are less with bread” quote by Don Quixote lies a controlled mess – a collection of vintage furniture, books, posters, and a huge basket of bread, which makes the place so welcoming.
The open kitchen invites you to be a witness of the display of natural and intriguing flavours. Here they make almost everything themselves. Food is seasonal and organic, and is definitely one of my top flavour inspirations. I recommend the falafels – so simple and delicious. Fancy a dairy free cappuccino? Try sunflower seed milk on espresso made with ‘3FE’ or ‘The Barn’ beans. They control milk waste and baristas’ leftovers are processed into homemade ricotta. How clever is that?
The Fumbally is spacious enough for a buggy, but as it is a bit of a hippy haven, you will probably notice more baby wearing parents than anywhere else. Staff are happy to heat up baby food and if you run out, grab a piece of bread for tiny hands – it is much healthier than any baby cookies! The only minus is the few steps at the entrance, but someone always will give you hand. There’s a changing unit in the toilet.
Fumbally Ln,  Merchants Quay,  Dublin 8
Tue to Fri: 8 – 5 sat 10-17
Dinners from 7pm Wed sun, mon closed


Kilkenny Shop Cafe & Restaurant, Dublin 2
A popular place to buy Christmas tree decorations, Orla Kiely’s bags, Irish crafts, or just souvenirs. But did you know, that upstairs you can get a cup of coffee and lunch?
They do a full Irish breakfast, brunch with live jazz music on the weekend, as well as hot and cold lunches – good old Irish cuisine, with a twist. Coffee is a more old-fashioned, darker roast. They also have great selection of cakes, scones, pastries and the prices are affordable.
They don’t have a lift, so the stairs are a rather significant barrier for Mum’s with a baby. But there is always a security guy next to the door ready to help. Upstairs you will find roughly 10 high chairs, changing facilities. They will help you with baby food, and if your toddler is into toasties they are ready to make you special sandwich.
Staff are very nice, and will help you with a tray. Seating area has small and bigger family tables and if your little one will fall asleep you can just watch through big window life passing by or just stare at Trinity College. Definitely worth a visit after shopping expedition!
Note: The Kilkenny shop is always busy (especially in December), so it might be hard to get a table.
15 Nassau St, Dublin 2
Mon to Sat: 8:30 – 5 Sun: 10 – 5
Third Space Smithfield, Dublin 7
I found this place, totally by accident and I was pleasantly surprised! The best thing about this cafe ( for Mum’s with babies) is the space – there’s more than enough room between tables to squeeze a buggy through. No lie, when I was there I think I saw at least three mothers. They have a changing unit in toilet and there’s a few high chairs.
There is good selection of homemade salads, sandwiches and frittatas. Inexpensive and very simple, fast food. There is coffee from Badger and Dodo and which seems to be well prepared. I ordered a very nice tuna panini, it reminded me of when I first moved to Ireland.
There is a huge shelving space with enormous amounts of books. So just imagine – a nice toasted sandwich, hot cuppa, sleeping baby and book of your choice. Sounds like home! While it is a quite fast paced environment, I’m sure you can find a quiet corner for yourself.
14, 7 Smithfield Square Arran Quay, D7
Mon to Fri 7:30 – 5 Sat to Sun 9-15 – 5
Considered Cafe, Dublin 2
“Helen James, after years of working in New York with top fashion designers, including Donna Karan and running her eponymous accessories label, Helen has begun a new chapter combining her passion for cooking with her love of design” (Considered website).
Coffee is by Cloudpicker, or you can choose from a great selection of Matthew Algie infusions that will make your cold morning better: organic roiboos with honey (jut ask!), apple loves mint, red berry mix- yumm! I recommend the huge scones – homemade and full of raspberries. But be quick, sometimes they are gone before 11 am.
For lunch they serve homemade sandwiches and hearty soups. And again, at a great price. In the lead up to Christmas, try the turkey sandwich – a delicious combination of stuffing, meat and cranberries.
They can offer you bowl of boiling water to heat up your baby food. If you have any special orders for children, like a cheese toastie or babychino, this place will make your little ones happy! When leaving do not forget to a grab little gift to fill up your Xmas stocking, they have great selection of knick-knacks designed by Helen James, in collaboration with Dunnes Stores.
35-36 Drury Street
Dublin 2
Mon, wed, fri: 8.30 – 6
Thu: 8.30 – 7
Sat: 10 – 6
Sun: 12 – 5


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