Some Fascinating Insights Into Irish Eating Habits


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A new report from Just East provides some useful insights into what Irish people are munching these days and what food trends are on the horizon for 2018.

The takeaway food giant predicts that “plant-based food options are set to be the food trend of 2018 driven in part to an increase in demand from the image and health conscious, social media savvy consumers.”

The report states that:

  • There was an 987% increase in demand for Vegetarian options in 2017
  • Demand for healthy choices generally grew by 94% in 2017 vs 2016
  • Gluten-free options increased by 72%,
  • Chinese, Indian, American and Thai Food are some of the most ordered cuisines
  • Hawaiian, Greek, Malaysian and Vietnamese food were new favourites in 2017.
  • New Year’s Day 2017 is the most popular day of the year to order takeaway when Just Eat saw a 40% increase in orders on 1st January 2017.
  • Other occasions which proved to be popular throughout the year included Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Summer festivals, Halloween and Christmas.
  • The night of the Toyshow saw a 33% rise in orders year on year. The most popular cuisine ordered on the night of the Toyshow was Chinese followed closely by Pizza.

Just Eat Marketing Director, Edel Kinane said

“The results from this year are a good insight into the future consumer trends and while convenience will continue to be key for consumers next year and beyond, we know that they are increasingly looking for more diverse, healthy, gluten free and plant based Vegan options”.

Read the full article here.



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