Granthams: Speciality Coffee With Friendly Service

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There’s a lot to be said for only doing a few things and doing them well. In the case of Granthams those things are: coffee, toasties and friendly service.

Dave Regan baked pastries for 3FE in exchange for lessons in coffee making. Within a few years he was their head barista and had won both the Irish brewers cup and latte art championships. After spells in Vice, Proper Order and London, he opened this speciality coffee shop with stepbrother Paul Church – a financial advisor. Keeping things in the family, the guys use London-based ‘Dark Arts’ Coffee, the roaster of which is Regan’s brother.
The ‘Badger Beard Workshop’ has kitted out the cafe that some Dubliners might remember as ‘Brioche’ with a mix of solid oak and flakeboard fittings. These, together with white walls and filament lighting, give the space a bright airy feel. Beside the front window seats, there’s the ‘Beans For Your Gaff’ retail section, presided over by Lord Grantham, the resident goldfish.
Toasties at Grantham’s are made with bread from Arun (arguably Dublin’s best) bakery and there’s five flavours to choose from. If you are a bit hungrier there’s a soup and sandwich deal for €8 , otherwise choose from a selection of pastries by Birdcage Bakery.
8 Aungier St, Dublin 2,
Mon – Fri: 8 tp 5
Sat: 10 to 5
Sun: Closed


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