Intelligent Teas: Herbal Blends That Promote Wellbeing

Wild Irish Food Intelligent Teas
Image: © Wild Irish Foods
Inspired by traditional Irish herbalism and natural healing, Wild Irish Foods created the Intelligent Tea range. These tasty herbal teas can be found in various Dublin cafes – Gaillot and Gray, Fia, The Cake Cafe and Cotto to name a few.
The extensive selection (which includes titles such as ‘Chillax’, ‘Sinus Soothe’ and ‘Hangover’) features native herbs and plants that promote healing and wellbeing. Ingredients come from Ireland and within the EU but Intelligent Tea aims to have all of its ingredients grown or foraged (and dried) locally in the coming years.
Wild Irish Foods was founded by Freda Wolfe in 2014. Freda grew up on a self-sufficient farm in West Cork and gained an appreciation for local, wild and organic foods from a young age. As well as previously working as a chef in some of Ireland’s most influential restaurants, she is also a qualified Master Herbalist.
When not busy blending herbs for tincture, Freda is attending to her bees hives at various locations for her ‘Clever Honey’.


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