LEGIT: This Cafe In Dublin 8 Is The Real Deal

LEGIT Coffee
Image © Paul Gerrard

The owners of this neighbourhood gem were on the verge of moving to Barcelona, when they received an offer to lease a disused butcher shop. Luckily for Dublin 8, they stayed to spread the good vibes and peddle excellent coffee.

Brazilian-born Jamaycon, previously a manager at KC Peaches, and Damien (French) began to refurbish the unit in August 2015. Unsurprisingly, the cafe has been well received by the Meath St. locals – one of the last remaining examples of a ‘real’ inner city Dublin community.

Make your way past the queue of market vendors, local businesses owners, and students, to the colourful counter in Legit, and you’ll find healthy sandwich options and bottles of freshly squeezed juice. There’s also a display of French and Brazilian pastries, try the ‘Quindim’ – a baked coconut custard cake – or the popular sausage rolls if you prefer savoury. A full brunch menu is available too.

The wall in the front room suggests that you ‘chill’ on the guys’ homemade wooden furniture, beneath the hanging Edison bulbs. Otherwise you can make yourself comfortable in what was once a walk-in fridge – now a homely nook with ample cushions. Look closely and you might spot the remaining evidence of the building’s former life, in the form of meat hooks.

Coffee grinds are collected regularly for use as compost in a nearby community garden. In a bid to support another small business, LEGIT has chosen Celbridge-based Baobab as it’s coffee suppliers. Filter coffee is available, 70% Cocoa hot chocolates and matcha lattes are also popular. Non-dairy drinkers will be spoilt for choice, with various milk alternatives to choose from.

Meath Mart, Meath St,
Dublin 8

Tel: n/a
Email: Use Facebook

Mon-fri 7:30am to 5pm
Saturday 9:30am to 5pm
Sunday closed


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