Urbanity In Smithfield Is Now Serving Evening Food

Urbanity Cafe Dublin 7 Window
Photo: Paul Gerrard © The Feed
Urbanity Cafe Dublin 7 Mason Jars
Photo: Paul Gerrard © The Feed

Urbanity Coffee is now open for dinner three nights a week. Since October, the popular Smithfield cafe has served food and reasonably priced wines on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

Share plates range from €5 to €17. There’s Crispy Pickled Mackerel with Turmeric Baby Potatoes, Pickled Tomato and Chilli, Shaved Daikon and Zhoug, or Polenta Crusted Haddock, Toasted Quinoa Salad, Black Bean and Pineapple Salsa.

Or maybe Smoky Cardamom Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta and Roast Cherry Tomatoes might tickle your fancy. Vegetarians have lots to choose from including Sweet Potato Sliders with Kimchi, Pickled Pink Onions and Peppery Greens.

You’ll be sharing your dining quarters with a large ‘Probat’ machine where the crew roast their own single origin coffees. Ground beans are available for take away, as is a selection of chocolates containing some unusual native ingredients.

There’s a host of wines, starting at €6 on offer and cans of White Hag beers also.

The Glass House, 11 Coke Lane
Smithfield, Dublin 7

Mon / Tues: 7 – 4
Wed to Fri: 7 to 10pm
Weekends 9 – 4


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