Thru The Green: Shipping Container With Drive Thru Coffee

Dundrum Road, Windy Arbour, Dublin 14


Kiz & Jonny Groome were working in completely unrelated industries prior to opening this coffee shop. It was a trip through the coffee plantations in Colombia, and the passion of the farmers, that prompted the career switch.

The idea of a drive thru coffee stop came from Kiz’ native Australia where the concept is commonplace. You’ll find their converted shipping container just of the R117. The road runs all the way from the City Centre to Bray, via Dundrum and Enniskerry.

As you might expect, the menu is concise and of a grab-and-go nature. There are delicious cakes from Don’t Be Such A Gluten, decadent treats by Mud Bakery, and Fika supply the healthy options. Coffee suppliers Roasted Brown, being all about quality control, work closely with the team to keep the coffee tasting perfect.

Those without cars congregate the side hatch of the container; there’s a couple of seats under hand-carved windows by Two Wooden Horses. Once the morning rush dies down, the space becomes a hub of conversations, community and connections.

Dundrum Road,
Windy Arbour, Dublin 14

Mon to fri: 7-4
Sat: 8-4
Sun: 9-4


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