Two Pups Coffee Is Doubling In Size

Image: © Eddy Wolohan
Image: © Eddy Wolohan

Two Pups Coffee in Dublin 8 are expanding into the unit next door. And the new space will be opening in the coming weeks. The new area also has an outdoor seating space.

Owner Kevin Douglas, having previously worked in construction and built his own house, was well poised to fit out this homespun, woody space. He and partner Zoe Ewing-Evans are nearly always on hand and take the time to get to know their regulars, be they students, locals or tourists.

The cafe offers a full food menu- comfort foods such as lentil dahl, stews, and toasties are popular at lunch time. Signature brunch dishes such as Avocado with Garlic Peanut Butter and Fried Eggs with Miso Butter Toast merit a visit by any food enthusiast.

Coffee is by Square Mile (UK), but 3FE (IRE), and others are being featured for filter and espresso enthusiasts.

Stayed tuned for more information. Read more about Two Pups Coffee here.





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